Wanna ship? You need to skip.

Ever been in the final stages—just before you want to launch—and had doubts? Is my product good enough? Will people enjoy using it? Does it need more features? Being a maker it's easy to fall into the trap of “just one more feature”. Don't. Do ship today.

I want to ship

No matter if you are a developer or designer by trade, you likely sweat the details in past jobs. You knew how to get certain jobs done really well. Not just short term, but long term too. These are great traits to have, but the work you have to do when building your own product shifts. All of a sudden you are not “just” the developer. You are the designer, the marketer and the janitor all at the same time. This is exciting, but you need to change your mindset a bit here. You need to take a step back on some best practices and overall aim for less perfection.

“Procrastinate much are you?”

The goal to ship is important. Why? Once your product is out in the open only then can it answer that precious answer: do people really need this? Do people enjoy it? Do they like it? And if they do, what could be better? Questions that only can be answered by real users. That's why it's important to ship as quick as possible. That's why you need to let go and skip a lot of features.

This is not easy. Many makers often fall into the trap of “just one more feature and it's done”. Not after today. Do Ship Today is a checklist with features you don't really need when launching the first version of your product.

Focus on your core product and keep it as narrow as possible. Ship it as soon as possible and from there add features your actual customers need..

I want to ship